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I can speak English, French and Arabic.

Riwa Sabbagha
9 Avril 2024
Diogo Monteiro
22 Février 2024
C'est incroyable à quel point ce temps de réflexion et de conversation fait une différence dans ma vie et me fait évoluer. Je suis très reconnaissant à Marie pour tout le travail que nous avons fait, car cela m'a beaucoup aidé. Merci pour votre patience et votre engagement envers moi ! Tu es incroyable! À Demain :)
7 Décembre 2023
Super, le lieu et calme et accueillant et la thérapeute fait du super bon travail, en une séance seulement beaucoup de fils ont été démêlés ! Je recommande !
Zoso 2
29 Novembre 2023
Marie joe is an exceptional psychologist, blending expertise with genuine empathy. Her insights are deeply helpful. Highly recommended for her compassionate approach and professional Help.
Lyan Porto
29 Novembre 2023
Marie Joe is a thought and careful listener, and I feel very welcomed by her approach. Yet, her strongest trait is her sensitivity in saying the sometimes difficult things we need to hear, and for that I am very grateful. She has been a tremendous help in my personal processes and I couldn't have done half of it without her.
Macarena Díaz
28 Novembre 2023
Marie Joe is an incredible therapist. She offers a safe space where I feel listened to and understood. We have gone through different aspects of my life, and I have been able to know myself better with her help. I feel really comfortable talking with her. She's fluent in English, so we can communicate perfectly.
Kristina Burum
16 Novembre 2023
Marie Joe is a non-judgemental, great listener with amazing people skills. She makes it very easy to open about one’s struggles and worries by creating a safe space for sharing. It’s convenient that she offers therapy both in online setting and in person. Highly recommend!

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